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Monday, June 18, 2007

ATT Band CD available!

Angry Tired Teachers Band has released a CD of songs that they played during the strike. Now you can say, "I went on strike for 10 days and all I got was this lousy CD!" But seriously, it is a very cool momento of a memorable struggle. Please go to for ordering details

Sunday, May 6, 2007


There will be a BBQ at Kennedy Park on Wednesday, May 9th at 4:00. We will be celebrating the end of the strike, the beginning of a new salary schedule and the new bonds forged between community and educators. Please let your fellow educators know as well as parents and community members. See you there!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Final Day Channel 16.84

Thank you, Channel 16.84 for keeping us informed as well as entertained. You are an exceptionally talented and dedicated group. We appreciate all of the hours of preparing, filming and editing you put into this endeavor.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We Did It!!

We knew this day would come. We didn't know when or how, but we knew it would come. A lot of things happened in the last ten days. We froze and burned. We walked and sat. We rallied and sulked. We ate doughnuts and drank coffee. We yelled and laughed. Above all, we found our voice. We started strong and we ended stronger. We bonded with our colleagues in a way nobody can understand unless they stood on a line. In this experience, I have made bonds with people I, otherwise, would never have known. Watching us come together this way has been, truly, life changing. I commend every one of you for all of your hard work and support. Thank you. You are exceptional.

Monday, April 23, 2007

This, too, shall pass....

Let's keep it together. We're tired. No...we're exhausted. We have sunburned lips and chapped skin. We freeze, thaw, then burn...all in the same day. Our feet hurt and we're losing our voices. Let's not lose our voice. You are extraordinary people undertaking an extraordinary task. You are executing it masterfully. Yes, it's hard and we're more than ready to go back to our kids. Look ahead. We will be going back to our regular lives. This strike will stay with us in many ways, but it will eventually be something from the past. This is a temporary situation that will go away. As my grandmother used to say, "This, too, shall pass." I say to you...This, too, shall pass. Let's not lose our voice.

In Solidarity

Dear Dr. Vigil

Peggy Peabody chose to write a message to Dale. We happen to be lucky enough to read along.

Dear Dr. Vigil,

As I tried to sleep in on this Saturday morning, I felt compelled to drag my exhausted body out of bed.  My mind is now clocked in to rise at 5:00 a.m. so that I can meet my fellow staff members on the picket line at Longwood. This morning I cannot shut off my mind, so since I have no staff members to meet on the weekend, you are the next best thing.  We need to talk, or maybe I just have a lot to say to you.

Yesterday, April 20, the day of the Families in Action March to the District Office, became a day I will never forget in my life.  I witnessed before me the most powerful and the most positive union of people I have ever had the privilege to see.  Standing among them was a priceless gift.

Did you see us?  Did you see the thousands of people before you?  I saw you there.  We were beautiful.  We were respectful.  We had a positive message, even under the understandable anger and frustration. We were considerate of others. We were united.

Did you hear us?  Did you hear the parents speak?  Did you hear the voices of many who until now have been silent?  I saw you there.  I heard voices firm in their resolve.  I heard laughter and care amid cries for change.  I heard an empathetic moment of silence and
sympathy for the Virginia Tech family right in the middle of a heated protest.  In both the noise and the silence, we clearly demonstrated that we know and value, not only what is going on in the bigger world.  We showed that we know what is important in Virginia and we know what is important in Hayward.  We were united and empathetic.  

Did you understand us?  Did you get beyond the discomfort we all were feeling to find a place where the needs of the parents and their children, of our students, of the teachers, could fit in to this current disagreement among adults?  I saw you there.  I heard parents demand that students get back to school.  I heard them demand teachers get fair pay.  I heard them ask us if we were ready to settle it today…and we said yes!  We said yes! We were united, empathetic, and focused.

We pulled out our phones wanting to call our HEA bargaining team to tell them the great news.  It was great news that we had chanted, that we wanted to talk, to negotiate again.  Of course HUSD would bargain too, right?  Then we stopped, remembering that HEA efforts were currently focused on fighting a possible injunction from HUSD.  What were we to do?  We waited to see what would happen next.

Parents raised their hands, many of them for the first time in such an environment.  They chose to take a stand, to step outside of their comfort zone, to be come a part of the change they desired in their district.  They marched one by one into the conference room.   We left to go back to our sites.

For the first time since early April, I walked away hopeful, hopeful that this would be the turning point.  I trusted that you had really seen and listened.  How could this gathering of people not move you?  I miss my students.  They miss me, but… we have been negotiating while we were in the classroom.  THAT DID NOT WORK…REMEMBER!  I waited and watched for the next move.

Later from home I saw the parent meeting clips on TV.  You were there yourself.  You saw them there right before you.  You heard them speak directly to you. Did you understand what they were trying to say?

Then the news mentioned that the injunction had been filed.  The district is quoted as saying it felt it had no choice!  I was shocked.  Had t oday just been a dream?  You might as well have stuck me in the heart with my picket sign.  I was so disappointed.  And just when we were all sending such a clear and unified message.  You were there!  I thought you asked those parents to meet with you for a good reason! 

I don’t understand how this injunction could still be filed in the light of the events of the day.

I am actually a product of Catholic Schools from first grade through college.  I received my credential as an undergraduate still in a Catholic college.  As a student, I only attended public schools for Kindergarten and to do my Administrative Services Credential to clear my Multiple Subjects Certificate.  It took me a long time to learn the “union way.”  It was very different from my own experience.  Initially I did not understand it, but I paid attention and learned.  I trusted the people around me, ba sed on the integrity I witnessed in their everyday actions.  I am so glad I paid attention.

I need to tell you that I get it now!  I stand together with some of the most committed professionals around.  I am honored to be in their presence.  I commend their ability to do what they do on everyone’s behalf.  I know of your opinions of unions.  Apparently, we have had far different experiences.  If only you could be in my shoes right now, worn as they are, they feel good.

Remember my little Shawnee?  I am sure you must.  I miss her terribly and worry about her reading progress during the strike.  It took so much for her family to begin her education just in January.  You don’t know Marisol.  She cries.  She came to the march yesterday withboth of her parents.  They took the day off work.  Marisol bravely searched for me in the crowd.  We cried together on the grass.  Max came to visit us on the picket line earlier in the week.  His mom has been calling and calling your office for an appointment.  She hasn’t
been called back yet.  It has been over a week.  He misses me too.  I have many more just like these three.

There are a whole lot more of these little faces wanting to be back in the classroom.  But did you notice?  They have been staying home.  They have been staying home because they are a key part of this struggle and their parents understand that.  Their parents are not denying them an education.  They are just getting a different one right now. 

We are on the picket lines, not just for money, but also for respect.  The attendance numbers at our sites have been the parents’ way of showing us that respect.

Yes, the injunction, if successful, will bring us back together in the classroom.  Of course I will knock myself out to clean up the mess the scabs made and let the few students make in my classroom.  I hope the student reports of thefts in our classrooms, sanctioned by scabs, according to them, are false.  I doubt the students just made it up!  Of course I will get real curriculum flowing immediately, not the packets my students had already done prior to the strike, once again.  We were ready for the STAR Test before the strike.  We will resume their education, but at what real cost?

We have all received a different sort of education during all this.  My students now better understand integrity and standing up for what is right.  Their parents have demonstrated how to take action when they feel they have been misrepresented.  Our teachers have felt their love and support in the form of food, visits, discussions on the driveways and picket lines.  There is tangible proof everyw here that we have all learned something new.

Injunction or not, teachers deserve their COLA.  My sign says, “I’d share my COLA if I had one!”  I never drink soda much, anyways. It is not very good for you, anyhow!  However, I would really prefer it on my paycheck!  So would my colleagues.

I am very disappointed in HUSD’s choice and timing to file this injunction.  Didn’t you see us, the thousands of us? I saw us.  I looked at every face I could as we guided them in your direction. 

We will always remember April 20, 2007.  This is the day parents, students, teachers, and the community sent you a clear message.  Settle our contract!  Stop wasting our time stalling with an injunction.  We deserve respect.

Peggy Peabody
Longwood School
Striking Teacher

Scabs at Eldridge

Apparently, one of the scabs at our school has lost it. We've actually watched him run onto campus by scrambling over the fence to avoid us; he runs like someone in a war zone. On Friday, he came in with a baseball bat because he was afraid of the striking teachers. Our principal and another staff member heard about it and went to find him; he was crouching at the end of our far hallway, clutching the bat. Our principal and the staff member asked him to give it to them, but he was too afraid to let go of it.

Also on Friday, another scab got into a shouting match with a teacher as we were leaving. The scab got out of his car and started shouting at the teacher, who was in his own car. The teacher stayed in his car while the scab got up to the window and started yelling at him about his rights to work as a scab. There have been other run-ins with this guy earlier in the strike. He hit one of the teachers in the picket line with his car at a low speed. The principal has asked him not to return, but he was there today (Monday). Scabs are also requesting copies of yearbooks in order to identify us to the district.

Where is the district getting these people with whom they now entrust our students?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tick, tick, tick....

Waiting may be harder than picketing. I know the suspense is killing you. It's killing me too. Whatever the outcome, we will remain united. When this is all over, I hope that this blog continues to exist. It will, most likely, morph into something different. Perhaps a place for teachers to exchange ideas. Perhaps a "virtual staff lounge". Perhaps an information bulletin board. Whatever happens, it is my hope that we retain the sense of unity, solidarity and respect for each other that has grown over the past several weeks. We can accomplish so much more together than fractured. I am proud to be a cog in the wheel of the Hayward Teaching Community.

Okay...I'm beginning to feel a bit like Doogie Howser, M.D.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Don't Panic People....

The district is going to file a new injunction on Monday, but that may just be precautionary. We are still going to the table tomorrow. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!


The CTA attorneys are reporting that the district has withdrawn their request to seek and injunction. Also, they bargaining teams will be meeting tomorrow afternoon for negotiations. Let's not count our chickens (no pun here....promise), but it's definitely a step in the right direction!!!!

Newest YouTube

Newest Channel 16.84 video

TV Reports

KRON Hayward strike resources

KTVU report on parent march

KPIX report on parent march

KGO report on parent march

NBC11 report on strike

NBC11 report

NBC11 report on strike

Families in Action

This is a link to the Families in Action website that was created by Hayward parents. These are the folks that organized that incredible march yesterday. Wow!!

Families In Action

Friday, April 20, 2007


To the Hayward parents and community:

You have inspired and humbled us in ways you can not imagine. To watch hundreds of parents, students, grandparents, family and community members march in a seemingly endless stream, was overwhelming. Every teacher that I saw was in tears at some point. The tears came from a place of love and respect. While we have remained strong during this difficult time, we sometimes feel low. Our morale waxes and wanes with negotiation updates, occurrences on the picket lines and the weather. We have been recharged with your unprecedented show of support. Thank you, Hayward. I can only hope that you know how much you have touched us. Today was a reminder to many of us. We were reminded of the thousands of reasons we love to teach in Hayward.

Thank you to all parents at the rally today!

I wanted to thank all the parents and students who came to support us at today's rally at Weekes Park and the subsequent march to the District Office. I went with a group of teachers from my school site (Eldridge) to support the parents as they walked past. We all went to wait at the intersections of Schafer Rd, Gading Rd, and Patrick Ave. to greet the parents and students and it really boosted my spirits! I was in tears (not hard for me to do!) and was really greatful for the outpouring of support from the community, especially after witnessing some run-ins with scabs. I hope that the Board and the District Administration will now get it through their thick skulls that they can't go on like this anymore! Parents have the power!

After the march, I went with a group of Eldridge teachers to the pedestrian overpass on 880 between Tennyson and Jackson to get more positive reinforcement from the Teamster truckers honking at us in support! If you can stand the fumes, it's a great way to boost your morale!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Daily Review Injunction Article

Daily Review article about injuction April 19th

Thank you CTA!!!

The BBQ was great today! Thank a CTA member when you see one. They did all of the leg work to make it a success. They bought the food, set up the park and fired up the grills. That was them with the aprons and the spatulas. They did a wonderful job, and have been during this rough time.

Tomorrow we will support our parents and community. They will be marching at 10:00 Friday morning at Weekes Park. I think they are going to the District Office (2 long miles!). We will be there to support THEM. Let's be careful not to take over their event. We just want to stand on the sidelines and cheer them on as they have been cheering us.

Keep up your spirits. I know it's cold and you're tired. Just think....the weekend is a breath away.


Well here it is guys and gals, in their own words.


Any comments?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dr. Homeslice Hears Hayward

The Doc has a great pro-union blog and he has been covering our struggle.

Go to: Dr. Homeslice

Vigil's Big Mouth Message Was Confusing

as reported by KRON 4 TV.

Vigil Confuses Parents

Was it purposeful?

Please comment.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Some Thoughts...

It is often difficult to be a "Hayward Teacher". We deal with low pay, a lot of disrespect from our employer, dilapidated facilities and an administration that has it's priorities in it's "wallet". While these things are discouraging, they do not compare to the empowerment I feel being witness to a sea of colleagues standing together, united, for the betterment of our community. The relationships that are formed and the bonds that are strengthened help sustain us. We are getting to know people we never would have met. We are bonding with our community. We are learning that we are not isolated in our classrooms or on our campuses. I take great comfort in knowing that, at any moment, I can turn to my left or turn to my right and see a face that understands what I'm going through. You can always see a face that knows what you're going through. We have stood together and we are strong. No matter what the outcome of this episode, we have all been given a gift. We have been given the gift of each other.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

ATT Band has a song for you!

Hayward's own Angry Tired Teachers Band has cut a tune especially for you!!! Written by Andy Knight, it tries to explain why we're out on these picket lines. Hope you enjoy it.
Teachin' in a Hayward School

We won't be broken we are. Facing Day 3 of the strike. We all came together on the first 2 days of the strike. We need to be even stronger now. We must show them that we will not be broken. Hang in there folks. We are all in it together...ALL of us. We have the support of our community and our parents. We have just about everyone...everyone except our employers. We are not thugs, bullies, greedy, lazy or whiney (as some would have us believe). We are professionals and we are doing what's right. We are doing the only thing we can do to get what we deserve. Don't let the media hype get to you. They want sensational stories to sell newspapers. You know why you are on the line. You know why "SCAB" is an appropriate term for people stealing your job. You know what you're worth. Stand strong tomorrow and be proud. We're all together

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Si Se Puede!

Teresa Frank got Dolores Huerta's attention and she graciously autographed Liz Jessee's strike sign. Images courtesy of Jonathan Golfo.

View 1

Whole Sign

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Daily Review Opines that "Hayward Teachers Show Their Ugly Side"

Hayward Teachers Show Their Ugly Side

Please comment!

Putting the "ARG!" in Bargaining

In case you didn't catch the 5pm news, the district rejected HEA's latest proposal. Plan to be on strike when classes resume again on Monday.

Where are the district's priorities??? They seem more concerned with trying to break our union than they are with providing a quality education for Hayward's children. SHAME ON THEM!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some great news links

When our illustrious "webmaster" returns to her computer, this link will be re-posted properly. For now, copy/paste it into your browser and enjoy! :) - Latest Channel 16.84 "The Truth" video

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vigil is a Chicken......

Great "truant" protest today at the District office. Our message was loud and clear. Vigil continued to talk about priorities up until we went out on the lines on Thursday instead of bringing us a settlement. Shouldn't his priority be to bring us a settlement and get the teachers back in the classroom? Obviously not!! His priority is to go on vacation and run from all of us! He can run but he can't hide. Again, great job today!!

Stories from my sites

It's story time, folks!  Let's let everyone know what kind of an education
Hayward children are really getting while their teachers are on strike!

These are some of the tales of woe from my sites...

Tyrrell (Thursday, 4/5 and Friday, 4/6):
1. Children unsupervised in parking lot during recess (snuck out the side
cafeteria door)

2. Child in tears asked to call home to be taken home early, "they" said
no on Thursday. Parent kept her child home on Friday.

3. Another parent came in Friday and asked to observe in a classroom.
"They" told her no.

4. 2 4th grade girls got into a physical brawl in the classroom. Scab too
busy yelling at other kids to notice.

5. One parent reported to his child's teacher that he picked up his child
early from school on Friday because the scab was not letting kids go to the
bathroom and was SMOKING IN CLASS?!?!

Shepherd (Friday, 4/6):
Scabs left at 11:30am on Friday even though the kids weren't supposed to
be dismissed until 12:30. Actual dismissal of kids was 12:15 (We think
that the 11am rally had something to do
with this scab release time).
Principal obviously wasn't concerned that kids would miss out on any
learning by dismissing scabs early. Shepherd teachers want to know if
scabs made their $300 a day even though they only
"worked" until 11:30!

Stories from our sites, Part 2

Thursday, 4/5 -
1. Principal told parents that their children are already low, keeping them out would put them further behind and the child would probably not pass their grade level. Also told parents that once their child was recorded here, the parent could not take the child for at least 1 hour?!?
2. Spec. Ed. preschool originally had only 2 children there, so principal pulled out the sub and left the paras with the children. More children arrived later, but no teacher was put in the room. Paras on their own. Illegal???
3. One recess, we watched two 3rd graders wander off onto the back field. When the rest of the kids were called to go in from recess, those 2 didn't hear (we think). They kept going, everyone else went in, no one seemed to notice they were on their own. They apparently figured out on their own that everyone was gone and went in later.

Thursday, 4/5 - A parent phoned her child's teacher and reported that the atmosphere was chaotic. Students were screaming and yelling and running around the classroom. This parent is not sending her daughter until the strike is over and called the district Friday to lodge a complaint about how the day went. This parent also reported that kids were calling home (I think via cell phones) and parents were coming by early to pick their kids up.


Teachers report, "Our principal has really disappointed our staff. Yesterday he didn't speak nor wave at any teachers. Today [Friday, 4/6], he did wave although a teacher waved first. He has been showing the SCABS support by escorting them to their cars and even opening their car door. He still has not communicated with our staff and teachers are really hurt by these type of actions. In addition, reliable sources have informed us that he personally called someone or more and told them that the teachers would be rude and disrespectful to parents who crossed the line. He included that teachers are asking for too much money. I'm not as offended as the longer term teachers who have put in so much extra time and effort to help him and the school. I cannot stress how betrayed and distant they feel toward him. Hopefully he realizes the importance of school wide staff unity."
Some principals have also been taking out their frustrations on the students who support their teachers. "Teachers were on the picket line at the side of [Southgate] school. A parent came to the picket line with some food and some of her daughters. Another Southgate student was walking by and stopped to talk with this parent's daughter because they know each other. The first student then left Southgate and was walking by King Middle School. Apparently she was walking just inside school grounds to head home but had no intentions of entering the school building. The principal at King Middle School saw her, went out of the school building, got her, and took her into the office. She was given a suspension notice. The box that was marked at the bottom of the suspension said 'for disobeying.' Also a short note was written by the principal that said 'picketing with Southgate teachers.'" Since when do we punish children for speaking with their teachers??

Stories from some of our sites

Thursday, 4/5 - The students who attended school were coloring today. The principal used truancy as a threat to parents and banged on the windshield of a parent's car while at the Bidwell campus. A teacher confronted a scab who said she had to cross the picket line because she has two mortgages. Upon closer look the staff realized that she was driving a silver Mercedes with vanity plates!!

Thursday, 4/5 - A parent with three children approached Dale Vigil and threatened to switch his children to a different district if the contract is not settled. Dale Vigil had no response for him.

Thursday, 4/5 - Kindergarten kids go out to recess on regular K yard. No adult in sight initially. 20 ft. wide gate left open to parking lot for first 3 minutes of recess until our custodian comes out to close it. Also, said yard is being used by custodian AT PRINCIPAL'S DIRECTION [not custodian's fault] as parking lot: car on play yard.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Poor Dale...has to pay for his benefits...

This morning KPFA interviewed Dr. Vigil, Mercedes Faraj and Maribel Herredia. Of course, Dr. Vigil wouldn't come on the air WITH Mercedes and, he was interviewed separately. When asked about health benefits, Dr. Vigil explained that we pay our own benefits. He continued to say that he has to pay his own benefits too. He said it at least three times. The interviewer asked what the average salary of Hayward teachers is. He said $65,000. What he wasn't asked...and what he didn't volunteer was that HE MAKES $229,500 PER YEAR!!!! He can afford to pay for his benefits!!!! Follow the instructions below to hear the interview.

Go to this link. On the left side, choose audio archives, then choose 7:00 a.m. download and you'll get the broadcast of this morning's show.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Schimmel's Past Life

It seems that Barry Schimmel is a former associate superintendent of San Jose Unified where he tried to sell off schools. It makes you wonder what HUSD has planned for the schools that will be closing. I seem to remember during a board meeting that the properties will not be sold, in case enrollment increases.

Here is an article about Schimmel from the June 6-12, 1996 issue of the Metro:

Doctor is Out

It looks as if the poster boy for San Jose Unified infighting, Barry Schimmel, has been given his final walking papers, and accepted a new job with the Pacific Grove Unified School District. During his tenure as associate superintendent of San Jose Unified, Schimmel drew fire from the Rose Garden neighborhood and parents for his plan to sell the historic Old Hoover School property, as well as liquidating other campuses throughout the district. Karen Vierra, who led neighbors in a fight against Schimmel, suggested he had been let go "because he conducted business dishonorably," but it seems likely he was squeezed out after a failed attempt--shared by loyalists Victor Freitas and Matt Hurley--to oust superintendent Linda Murray this past January. A community-led recall of Hurley is under way, led by Almaden parents hoping eventually to secede from the megadistrict. ... Schimmel had been pulling down a $94,200 salary to oversee the district's fiscal, technological and human resources departments. When asked for comment on the departure, both Schimmel and Hurley cited the Brown Act, which provides for secrecy surrounding personnel matters should public officials feel the need. Board member Carol Myers drew a smiley face on recent events: "I'm happy for Dr. Schimmel," she says. "It's a wonderful career opportunity for him."

Jazz up your picket line!

Hey picketers of all site and descriptions! Since it looks like Dr. V (sorry, fellow employee Dale) has plans for us to continue our happy vigils (no pun intended) after the break, we may as well think about how to make our picket lines more fun and uplifting! I know that on our line at the District office, we have had at least one pithy ditty made up on the spot which helped make the day go by faster! I think that others of you also have been very creative in this regard, so I am proposing that we share our creations in this space...I will start...

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rome is burning...LET'S GO TO MAZATLAN!

It really irks me that Vigil is on vacation in Mazatlan. What that tells me is that he doesn't think it's important for him to return to negotiations with HEA. I spoke with a fellow teacher who said that she was going to cancel her vacation during spring break in order to save money due to the strike. Vigil's actions are callous and arrogant.

Email to the Superintendent and Board of Ed. in Hayward Unified

Here's the email I sent to the superintendent and the board members on April 5, 2007.
I have not received a response.

Dale, Grant, Sarah, Myrna, Jeff, and Paul,

You have witnessed the strength of the Hayward Education Association.

We have the support of the parents and community of Hayward as demonstrated by numerous empty classrooms, empty school parking lots, and overwhelming generosity of parents.

It is time for you to direct your Bargaining Team to invite HEA's Bargaining Team back to the negotiations table with a better proposal and settle this labor issue now before Spring Break.

Dale, using your words from your TV interviews this week: if you think we are a "Blue Collar" town with "Blue Collar" wages, then how do you justify your salary of $229,000 as our Superintendent of "Blue Collar" Hayward Schools? How do you Board members justify his salary? Is this what you really had hoped for?

If you have not seen or read the recent news coverage of HUSD, I am providing links below. How much "damage control" do you really want to do? Or do you just not care about the students of Hayward? Your "spin" is not working!

Alan Pickering-Walters
Ruus and Peixoto Librarian

The Daily Review

Channel 2

Channel 4

Channel 5

Channel 7

Channel 11

Blue Collar Blues

Posted on the HayWord blog Vigilant Vigil

Dr. Vigil says that he can't give us the raise that we deserve because "We are not Pleasanton". He said that we are a blue collar town. What does that mean, exactly? The tone of this comment, which aired on the local news, was one of elitism and arrogance. Do Hayward students not deserve the same as Pleasanton students? Do Hayward teachers deserve less? What is he saying about our community? The most offensive part of all this...? Dr. Vigil makes $229,500 per year. The superintendent of the school district in Pleasanton makes $197,960 per year. That is a difference of 15.9%. It seems that Dr. Vigil takes no issue with earning a white collar salary in a blue collar town. Perhaps his salary should match his community. Since he won't take a pay cut....perhaps he should find another community.

Too little, too late!

In the Daily Review article by Kristofer Noceda today, Vigil says--in regard to the alleged shoving incident--that "Teachers here are very professional, and that's just not their kind of behavior." I guess he finally gets it that he shouldn't portray us as hooligans, since that is the kind of image of Hayward teachers he doesn't want to carry over after the strike! But he should've thought of that before he did all those TV news interviews. He'll have plenty of time for reflection while he's away on his VACATION . . .

Friday, April 6, 2007


Can anyone provide the link to the Vigil interview where he says that "we're blue collar" and "we're not pleasanton"? I saw it yesterday and have scoured the news sites. I can't seem to find it. If anyone has the link, please post it here or let me know. I would love to post it on the blog. Also, the Daily Review blog added the story of Vigil's upcoming vacation. You are encouraged to post comments on the HayWord blog as well as this one. Also, write!! Write!! WRITE!!! Please write to the newspapers and anyone else that will listen. Get the message out! The Daily Review has been pretty good about publishing our letters. Point out the district's untruths and inconsistencies. This goes for lies about us on the picket lines, too! Vigil is reporting that we were violent. Set the record straight!

Strike Day 2 Local TV

Bill Schechner CBS5 TV

Will Tran KRON 4

Several Kron 4 Stories on Strike

Kron 4 Superintendent takes "Spring Break"

Lyanne Melendez ABC 7

Patti Lee KTVU 2

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Dr. Vigil says that HUSD can't afford to give us what we're asking for because "we are not Pleasanton". So, why does he make so much more than the Pleasanton superintendent...? Pleasanton's superintendent makes $197,960 per year. Dr. Vigil makes $229, 500 per year. Hmmmm.....seems that Dr. Vigil is making 15.9% MORE than his counterpart in Pleasanton. Logical??????

Loud and Clear!!!

We delivered a message today that can not be ignored. We were 98% strong!! Thank you all for standing together! We looked great out there! We know our message was sent out loud and clear. Let's see if it will be received...


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Food for thought....

I've been doing some numbers crunching regarding salaries and thought I'd share what I've found:

For an 8-year teacher with an MA, here are how the numbers line up (figures below show salary plus MA stipend minus the amount paid for benefits):

Hayward: $60,853
San Lorenzo: $62,248 (SLZUSD pays for teachers' benefits, so on their salary schedule, what you see is what you get.)
Newark: $67,652
New Haven: $68,342

and GET THIS: Fremont will only transfer 5 years experience, SO:

Fremont: $62,762 @ 6 years !!!! (and this this is minus $5174 for benefits)

How can Hayward hope to keep teachers with salaries like this in nearby districts? They need to get real and raise our salaries!

United We Stand

To all of the Hayward educators,

Be strong. We have come a long way. We have a long way to go. Wake up tomorrow with the thought that you will be on a line with your peers, your colleagues, your friends. Now is the time that we must unite and become one force. We are standing on that line for what we have earned. We are standing on that line for what is right. We are standing on that line, not only for our benefit, but for the benefit of the legions of educators that will come after us. You are taking a stand and will be making an indelible mark.

Get some sleep.



As you can see, the title has changed a bit. A request was made to include all Hayward educators in the title. So....this is what I came up with. If I left anyone out, please leave a comment so I can include everyone. All Means All!!

Letter to the Editor April 4th Daily Review

Inside Bay Area - An unmerited merit increase

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

KGO TV Report from April 3

Channel 7 News Video

Their last chance...!!!!

It's official! HEA gave notice to the district today. Unless an acceptable offer is made, the teachers of Hayward Unified School District will be on strike beginning Thursay, April 5th. The district still has the opportunity to avoid a work stoppage...Will they do the right thing?