Friday, April 20, 2007


To the Hayward parents and community:

You have inspired and humbled us in ways you can not imagine. To watch hundreds of parents, students, grandparents, family and community members march in a seemingly endless stream, was overwhelming. Every teacher that I saw was in tears at some point. The tears came from a place of love and respect. While we have remained strong during this difficult time, we sometimes feel low. Our morale waxes and wanes with negotiation updates, occurrences on the picket lines and the weather. We have been recharged with your unprecedented show of support. Thank you, Hayward. I can only hope that you know how much you have touched us. Today was a reminder to many of us. We were reminded of the thousands of reasons we love to teach in Hayward.

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Nick Carlson said...

That is a beautiful sentiment, wonderfully expressed Paulette. I concur heartily.