Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stories from our sites, Part 2

Thursday, 4/5 -
1. Principal told parents that their children are already low, keeping them out would put them further behind and the child would probably not pass their grade level. Also told parents that once their child was recorded here, the parent could not take the child for at least 1 hour?!?
2. Spec. Ed. preschool originally had only 2 children there, so principal pulled out the sub and left the paras with the children. More children arrived later, but no teacher was put in the room. Paras on their own. Illegal???
3. One recess, we watched two 3rd graders wander off onto the back field. When the rest of the kids were called to go in from recess, those 2 didn't hear (we think). They kept going, everyone else went in, no one seemed to notice they were on their own. They apparently figured out on their own that everyone was gone and went in later.

Thursday, 4/5 - A parent phoned her child's teacher and reported that the atmosphere was chaotic. Students were screaming and yelling and running around the classroom. This parent is not sending her daughter until the strike is over and called the district Friday to lodge a complaint about how the day went. This parent also reported that kids were calling home (I think via cell phones) and parents were coming by early to pick their kids up.


Teachers report, "Our principal has really disappointed our staff. Yesterday he didn't speak nor wave at any teachers. Today [Friday, 4/6], he did wave although a teacher waved first. He has been showing the SCABS support by escorting them to their cars and even opening their car door. He still has not communicated with our staff and teachers are really hurt by these type of actions. In addition, reliable sources have informed us that he personally called someone or more and told them that the teachers would be rude and disrespectful to parents who crossed the line. He included that teachers are asking for too much money. I'm not as offended as the longer term teachers who have put in so much extra time and effort to help him and the school. I cannot stress how betrayed and distant they feel toward him. Hopefully he realizes the importance of school wide staff unity."
Some principals have also been taking out their frustrations on the students who support their teachers. "Teachers were on the picket line at the side of [Southgate] school. A parent came to the picket line with some food and some of her daughters. Another Southgate student was walking by and stopped to talk with this parent's daughter because they know each other. The first student then left Southgate and was walking by King Middle School. Apparently she was walking just inside school grounds to head home but had no intentions of entering the school building. The principal at King Middle School saw her, went out of the school building, got her, and took her into the office. She was given a suspension notice. The box that was marked at the bottom of the suspension said 'for disobeying.' Also a short note was written by the principal that said 'picketing with Southgate teachers.'" Since when do we punish children for speaking with their teachers??

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