Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stories from some of our sites

Thursday, 4/5 - The students who attended school were coloring today. The principal used truancy as a threat to parents and banged on the windshield of a parent's car while at the Bidwell campus. A teacher confronted a scab who said she had to cross the picket line because she has two mortgages. Upon closer look the staff realized that she was driving a silver Mercedes with vanity plates!!

Thursday, 4/5 - A parent with three children approached Dale Vigil and threatened to switch his children to a different district if the contract is not settled. Dale Vigil had no response for him.

Thursday, 4/5 - Kindergarten kids go out to recess on regular K yard. No adult in sight initially. 20 ft. wide gate left open to parking lot for first 3 minutes of recess until our custodian comes out to close it. Also, said yard is being used by custodian AT PRINCIPAL'S DIRECTION [not custodian's fault] as parking lot: car on play yard.

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