Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vigil's Big Mouth Message Was Confusing

as reported by KRON 4 TV.

Vigil Confuses Parents

Was it purposeful?

Please comment.


Nick Carlson said...

On Wednesday, the HUSD district no-go tiations team showed up to the table two hours late and presented a worse offer. Was that purposeful?

Anonymous said...

More misinformation? Today some of our students told us the scabs said we would be back tomorrow. Is this Vigil's way of getting them to do his dirty work of giving out misinformation?

bernadetteandbob said...

So now it's okay to negotiate in public? Also, many of our students were told by their scabs today that we would be back tomorrow. Is this his way of getting the scabs to do the dirty work of giving out misinformation?

Anonymous said...

My students were told I would be back on Thursday by a teacher who has crossed.

I think the information in the phone call by vigil was purposefully ambiguous. It was misleading enough that many many parents drove by my school, and were mad to see us outside, then they took their kids home. But vague enough that the district could say it didn't say you were back, but it sure implied that.