Sunday, April 8, 2007

Schimmel's Past Life

It seems that Barry Schimmel is a former associate superintendent of San Jose Unified where he tried to sell off schools. It makes you wonder what HUSD has planned for the schools that will be closing. I seem to remember during a board meeting that the properties will not be sold, in case enrollment increases.

Here is an article about Schimmel from the June 6-12, 1996 issue of the Metro:

Doctor is Out

It looks as if the poster boy for San Jose Unified infighting, Barry Schimmel, has been given his final walking papers, and accepted a new job with the Pacific Grove Unified School District. During his tenure as associate superintendent of San Jose Unified, Schimmel drew fire from the Rose Garden neighborhood and parents for his plan to sell the historic Old Hoover School property, as well as liquidating other campuses throughout the district. Karen Vierra, who led neighbors in a fight against Schimmel, suggested he had been let go "because he conducted business dishonorably," but it seems likely he was squeezed out after a failed attempt--shared by loyalists Victor Freitas and Matt Hurley--to oust superintendent Linda Murray this past January. A community-led recall of Hurley is under way, led by Almaden parents hoping eventually to secede from the megadistrict. ... Schimmel had been pulling down a $94,200 salary to oversee the district's fiscal, technological and human resources departments. When asked for comment on the departure, both Schimmel and Hurley cited the Brown Act, which provides for secrecy surrounding personnel matters should public officials feel the need. Board member Carol Myers drew a smiley face on recent events: "I'm happy for Dr. Schimmel," she says. "It's a wonderful career opportunity for him."

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