Thursday, April 12, 2007

Putting the "ARG!" in Bargaining

In case you didn't catch the 5pm news, the district rejected HEA's latest proposal. Plan to be on strike when classes resume again on Monday.

Where are the district's priorities??? They seem more concerned with trying to break our union than they are with providing a quality education for Hayward's children. SHAME ON THEM!!!


julie g. said...

Awful...I'm glad we tried, but I'm not too surprised at the seemed clear by Dr. Vigil's leaving town that they really had no intention of trying to settle over the break. Guess they are OK with kids being out of school, teachers and all of us out of work!!

Appalled said...

Like you, we teachers in Yucaipa have a board that just doesn't seem to care.

How frustrating! How sickening! How do these people get up in the morning? The only answer to this in my mind is that they have no conscience.