Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Some Thoughts...

It is often difficult to be a "Hayward Teacher". We deal with low pay, a lot of disrespect from our employer, dilapidated facilities and an administration that has it's priorities in it's "wallet". While these things are discouraging, they do not compare to the empowerment I feel being witness to a sea of colleagues standing together, united, for the betterment of our community. The relationships that are formed and the bonds that are strengthened help sustain us. We are getting to know people we never would have met. We are bonding with our community. We are learning that we are not isolated in our classrooms or on our campuses. I take great comfort in knowing that, at any moment, I can turn to my left or turn to my right and see a face that understands what I'm going through. You can always see a face that knows what you're going through. We have stood together and we are strong. No matter what the outcome of this episode, we have all been given a gift. We have been given the gift of each other.

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Nick Carlson said...

Once again, Paulette, you are so right! I am also buoyed by our buds, new and old.