Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stories from my sites

It's story time, folks!  Let's let everyone know what kind of an education
Hayward children are really getting while their teachers are on strike!

These are some of the tales of woe from my sites...

Tyrrell (Thursday, 4/5 and Friday, 4/6):
1. Children unsupervised in parking lot during recess (snuck out the side
cafeteria door)

2. Child in tears asked to call home to be taken home early, "they" said
no on Thursday. Parent kept her child home on Friday.

3. Another parent came in Friday and asked to observe in a classroom.
"They" told her no.

4. 2 4th grade girls got into a physical brawl in the classroom. Scab too
busy yelling at other kids to notice.

5. One parent reported to his child's teacher that he picked up his child
early from school on Friday because the scab was not letting kids go to the
bathroom and was SMOKING IN CLASS?!?!

Shepherd (Friday, 4/6):
Scabs left at 11:30am on Friday even though the kids weren't supposed to
be dismissed until 12:30. Actual dismissal of kids was 12:15 (We think
that the 11am rally had something to do
with this scab release time).
Principal obviously wasn't concerned that kids would miss out on any
learning by dismissing scabs early. Shepherd teachers want to know if
scabs made their $300 a day even though they only
"worked" until 11:30!

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Anonymous said...

"Stories from my site"

Our principal was nice enough to escort the scabs in and out through different gates and said we were being "mean to the scabs" (Wish we got that kind of treatment every time we have to deal with a situation we need our principal for.) The biggest and most disgusting scab of all had to be a long term sub who the entire staff helped all year, one who the principal welcomed regardless of her incompetence, past complaints and being non credentialed. She scabbed not once but twice! She even went so far as to look us straight in the face (after everything we had done for her) and say she needs the money! Just goes to show you some people are only looking out for themselves and not the best interest of the students and obviously not their co-workers. We as teachers out on the picket line need to stand up for ourselves and each other by being united until we get what is just and what we deserve!