Monday, April 23, 2007

Scabs at Eldridge

Apparently, one of the scabs at our school has lost it. We've actually watched him run onto campus by scrambling over the fence to avoid us; he runs like someone in a war zone. On Friday, he came in with a baseball bat because he was afraid of the striking teachers. Our principal and another staff member heard about it and went to find him; he was crouching at the end of our far hallway, clutching the bat. Our principal and the staff member asked him to give it to them, but he was too afraid to let go of it.

Also on Friday, another scab got into a shouting match with a teacher as we were leaving. The scab got out of his car and started shouting at the teacher, who was in his own car. The teacher stayed in his car while the scab got up to the window and started yelling at him about his rights to work as a scab. There have been other run-ins with this guy earlier in the strike. He hit one of the teachers in the picket line with his car at a low speed. The principal has asked him not to return, but he was there today (Monday). Scabs are also requesting copies of yearbooks in order to identify us to the district.

Where is the district getting these people with whom they now entrust our students?

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